When dancers become poets

Kavyanjali,a dance production featuring me and my student Saee Shetye.
Every poet uses language in its entirety to evoke emotional or sensual responses. So, when a dancer writes poetry s/he is bound to write poems which give full justice to the language of dance. Thus, Kavyanjali is ode to the poet in all of us. We dance to our own poems.

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Ode to Female Energy

Shakti is a dance presentation which eulogises women from mythology and folk culture of Maharashtra. It concludes with a finale of Pancha Kanya of Maharashtra ( 5 legendary Marathi women from Medieval period till Pre Independence India. )

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About Nritya Sangam
When two rivers meet it is called ‘ Sangam '
When two styles of Indian Classical Dance come together ..Nritya Sangam….

Nritya Sangam brings two classical dance styles; namely Kathak from the North India and Bharatanatyam from the South India on one platform. An interesting play of similarities and contrasts in musical disciplines (Hindustani and Carnatic) and dance….. Shambhavi Vaze and Parimal Phadke explore the contrasts and similarities between the two styles.

The juxtaposition becomes the forte of Nritya Sangam.
Witness the magic, which Shambhavi and Parimal create on stage. Shambhavi becomes the Laasya (feminine dance) with her soft and graceful dance. Parimal is Tandava (masculine dance) with his firm and energetic dance. Both create fireworks on stage through their rhythmic  ‘Sawaal Jawaab' .

Timeless.... Nritya Sangam becomes a metaphor for eternal blend of energy, form and content.

…… After a triumphant tour of the United States in 2005, with 18 theatrical concerts, workshops and lecture demos, Shambhavi Vaze and Parimal Phadke are coming up with a completely new Avatar of Nritya Sangam, a one of its kind ‘Jugalbandi' of Kathak and Bharatanatyam dance forms. With a rare combination of masculine vigor and feminine grace, the dancers leave the audience awestruck with the blend of the two richest dance styles of India .
Nritya Sangam…New Avatar has dance pieces on traditional as well as modern themes on specially conceptualized and recorded sound tracks (recorded with an orchestra of 10 musicians from Hindustani and Carnatic style). This two and a half hours performance offers you a wide variety of content ranging from traditional Navarasas to the fusion of Western Music and Classical Dance.

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30 Minutes

An intercollaborative dance project with French dancer Alice Noevou . You must be wondering, why the title “30 minutes” , because the performance is of 30 minutes duration. It consists of 3 contemporary pieces

Based on the tragic life of conjoined biological twins from Iran .

Based on my English poem

Four Seasons
Inspired from the poems of French post modern poets.

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The tale of Gold unfolds…….
Gold—A metal which has been enticing people of all generations and ages.
Dance---- Man's medium of expressing joy since time immemorial

Dance and Gold , both have seducing qualities. The splendor of gold and dance is seen through the intricate and artistic designs which are eye catching and gorgeous. Both Gold and dance are multi faceted. They are different in their raw form and they are outstanding when they are processed , refined to their utmost core.
Both are respected , regarded and hailed for their aesthetic value. Svarnim intends to celebrate dance and Gold through its creative and spectacular choreography . Svarnim is an exquisite visual extravaganza explored through aesthetic and classic forms of dance.

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My solo performances have been mostly on the theme of “Nayaka” . Bharatanatyam originates from the Devadasi system , thus most of its content is related to the Nayika or the woman in love. My research is on the concept of Nayaka or Hero /man in love as is reflected in the Sanskrit texts and literature.

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An ode to the past , present and future of dance

The following production weaves three styles -- Bharatanrityam , Bharatanatyam and Contemporary dance into 3 phases of time -- Past, Present and Future .

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