"Content Inspires Form"

The Concept and the Core of


What is the skeleton and what is the core of an alāripū?
If you are looking for answer then this book is your destination. This book is just a path-a process which a Bharatanāṭyaṁ student or a teacher can refer to dissect and understand the wide gamut of structures in understanding and composing your own Alāripū. The following book breaks down the components of an Alāripū and then tries to dissect it’s character to arrive at an aesthetic logic which resides in the core of the Alāripū. To bring clarity to the understanding Alāripū in 30 tāla-s have been improvised . The notation is extremely reader friendly thus helping you to understand the concept in a better way. Addition to that the writer has converted some of the tāla-s into cāpu tāla-s( for e.g. dhrūva catuśra cāpu tāla ) thus opening a new world altogether in understanding the concept of Alāripū.

In the spirit of creativity which the author believes is the soul of the tradition of classical dance , this ebook adds fuel to the the flame of creativity in all of us; this flame which keeps the fire of Art, eternally burning!

Guide to Bharatanatyam Theory

Prarambhik to Praveshika Purna

This book aims at all the young students of Bharatanatyam who are preparing for theory exams of Bhartanatyam. It has basic concepts explained in the most reader friendly language. Definitions of terms and terminologies have been explained in brief for the understanding of the young reader. From basic concepts of Tala , laya etc. to brief introduction to all the styles of classical dance of India , it also covers some important topics of hasta-s , viniyoga-s etc. , which are relevant topics for the first three exams of Bharatanatyam .


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