"No more I love you-s"

Parimal Phadke directs his first music video.
He revisits 90-s hit of Annie Lennox “No more I love you-s”.
An interesting narrative building upon the complexities of the
character and the Bharatnatyam form . Who’s losing it? the character or the form?


An ensemble production specially curated for the ICCR Srilanka Tour in Aug (2019) which consisted of Tamil compositions of  Madurai Muralidharan, Subbudu  and  Subramaniam Bharatiar.


Premiered in 2006, this innovative production chartered a territory of blending different genres through an ensemble. The journey of  Gold from the raw to it’s refined manifestation.My visualisation brought into play genres of tribal, folk, semi-classical and contemporary  to create an experience of the shimmering and seductive allure of the Gold.


Shakti weaves the theme of Goddess in mythology, folk culture, in history of India and finally its contemporary relevance. A  magnum opus costume drama, Shakti remains to be one of the most entertaining dance presentations for channel, Sam TV.


Navarachana looks at fresh content of Bharatanatyam and pushes the envelope by bringing new compositions written, visualised and choreographed by Parimal. A fresh look at Rama’s separation from Sita, Bold Ganga, a jilted Nayaka and Majestic Shiva.


Parimal presents his analysis of the beauty and expanse  of Bharatanatyam form, content and choreography. Performing his choicest solo choreographies which are multi layered and multi faceted. Parimal’s inner journey, his SHODH


Parimal’s contribution to the field of Bharatanatyam is bringing the rich Nayaka based content for the male Bharatanatyam dancers thus widening their scope in performance and choreography for solo Bharatanatyam performances. 

The Pulse

A production of Shreyashee Nag Dance Company which weaves Kathak, Contemporary, Flamenco and Bharatanatyam. It converts the styles into characters and brings romance alive on the stage through dance theatre.

Divya Astra - Pushpastra

Production of Usha RK which brings into play divine weapons and their tales. Pushpa astra of Kamadeva or Madana is a weapon which on one hand inflames passion on the other hand invites the wrath of destiny an untimely death.  Parimal’s Puśpastra is an ode to Madana – the lord of desire.


An ode to six seasons through three styles — Bharatanatyam , Kathak and Contemporary. A contemporary take on Kalidasa’s Ritusamhara, interpreting  the love and the sensuality of the six seasons through Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Contemporary.

Nritya sangam

Collaborative performance with Shambhavi Dandekar (USA). We explore the rapport of Bharatanatyam and Kathak with a duet presentation  from the first to the concluding piece. Rich in content, expression, rhythm and grace and with boundless entertainment, this duet presentation still commands a large fan base all over the world.


A production  of Renu Foundation For Arts  of Anita Kulkarni which explores bandishes of Hindustani music and builds classical and contemporary choreographies.

Meet me on the Meadow

A production of Renu Foundation  For Arts of Anita Kulkarni, which tells the tale of two lovers, their relationships and their trials and tribulations.


It’s a story of time travel through the spectacle of a dancer. Dance from Bharata’s Natyasastra to dance in temples and finally dance in contemporary times. Parimal takes a look at the journey of dance as explored in all three phases of time which are critical for the dance ecology of the Indian subcontinent.


What happens when dancers write poetry for dance ? How does this suit the form and choreography ? A collaborative project wherein, Saee Shetye (senior disciple of Dr. Parimal Phadke ) and Dr Parimal Phadke perform their Hindi Poems.


A short film directed by Dhanya Pilo and choreographed and acted by Dr.Parimal Phadke. The following film was a  result of screen dance residency titled The Yellow Line Project by Gati Dance, New Delhi.